Change is a-coming.....

I have an interesting dilemma here at Pins & Needles. When I set up this website,  it was as a response to the covid lockdowns and a need to be able to continue somehow with the business, to save it for the future. We've now been open properly for a couple of years and the shop is so busy, it's almost impossible to keep up with stock levels on the website, which has resulted in disappointment for some of our online shoppers. 

It's going to take me a little while to figure out how to manage this; it might be that I end up just using the website for news, sale goods, special offers, kits etc or you never know, I might end up getting an electronic till that's linked to the website... Got to say, the latter is less likely than the first! 

While I work this out, please bear with me if what you want isn't in stock. I'll always try to keep you informed and offer alternative solutions. And please please please, if you don't see what you want, do get in touch and ask because you never know, we might well have it - only a fraction of our stock is listed anyway! 

Thanks folks, happy stitching.

Victoria x