Changes to online store

Hello everyone, after much thought I'm going to change the way the online shop is run. The Snuff Street shop has become very busy and it's just too difficult to manage stock across two trading platforms. Therefore I'm handing over to my alter ego Vixter Woolista to run the online service, which will be used as a clearance outlet headed "Bob-Ull's Bargains." You might remember he's our friendly alien who came to Earth and decided to stay when he found a fabulous yarn shop (he loves woolly hats). 

It's going to take a little while to amend all of the online shop entries so if you do manage to place an order here in the meantime, sorry but we will have to cancel as all of Pins & Needles sales will now be done through the Snuff Street shop only. 

Please feel free to contact the shop - 07903 584151 or - to ask "Do you have.....?" and we'll do our best to help you - we have LOADS of stock in the shop. Better still, call in to see us in person!