Lockdown 2021

Well folks, here we are again in another lockdown. The shop is closed to personal customers but you can still buy yarn and other goodies from us through the website although please note I will only be going to the post once a week - this is to minimise risk to me and my staff and the post office workers. 

I will review the situation regularly and hope to be able to do click & collect and free local delivery in the next couple of weeks.  Keep watching this space - and our Facebook page - for updates.

The most important thing is that you all stay safe and sound, ready to come and see us when we re-open.

To try to keep things light, the fun photo is of me wearing an El Gatito hat by Vixter Woolista and a shawl crocheted by a very old lady who my mum worked for - Mrs Sturch was her name and she in her mid-eighties when she made it and gave it to mum back in the late seventies.  Its very cosy and remarkaby modern with its long, knotted fringing. 

Lots of love

Victoria x